Incredibly Beautiful Wood and Carbon Fiber Bike


Bicycles are not the most beautiful objects in the world. There’s not much you can do with just two wheels and a few rusty spokes. A bike’s beauty tends to reside in functionality rather than aesthetics but one company that is valiantly trying to change that is Carbon Wood Bikes (can you guess what they do?).

Building a bike made entirely of wood is impractical because the bike would be too heavy as well as too weak. So the design team decided to combine the wood with carbon fiber, meaning the bike won’t fall apart if you’re a vigorous peddler but still retains its unique look. The result is a bike so beautiful it looks as if it belongs above a fireplace, although it'd probably be a fire hazard. 

Built in Italy, the frame is entirely handcrafted with layers of bent ash, mahogany and carbon fiber and the whole things weighs just over nine kilos. 

We just hope to god you can’t get any splinters from that saddle.


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