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Incredible Insect art

Watch where you're stepping...

Incredible Insect art

Beetles get a pretty tough time of things. Despite their brief moment of glory back in 1988 when Beetlejuice was released, they've often been relegated to the non-too-glamourous 'creepy-crawly' category, just one cruel letter away from the most famous band ever.

Things are about to change though. Artist and designer Scott Bain has used real taxidermy beetles to highlight how we so easily mistreat our miniature frenemy.

This selection of images show us a world where humans have been downgraded as the real pest and we're forced to rely on insects to help us with our daily routine. They're also getting some major respect from the royals in one of the pics. About time.

How about swapping doves for beetles and seeing them released to the masses at the Royal Wedding? Would finally give us a reason to watch it all at least.

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