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Incredible App Scans & Solves Maths Problems

Incredible App Scans & Solves Maths Problems

Incredible App Scans & Solves Maths Problems
22 October 2014

This is, simultaneously, amazing and terrifying.

PhotoMath is a brand new app for iOS and Android, created by Microblink, which enables you to solve mathematical equations in seconds simply by taking a photo. The app can then show you the working; all the way from the initial problem, through to the solution.

It'll be available early next year, and currently supports arithmetic expressions (ie. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions and decimals, powers and roots and simple linear equations. The makers promise that it will support more types of problem as it goes on - surely it's a matter of time before it cracks simultaneous equations, calculus and string theory before becoming sentient and taking over the world.

Essentially kids: those days of fearing maths tests are over - just sneak in a phone and you'll ace it all day long, leaving plenty of time to make upside-down words on your calculator.

Visit the site for more info and to sign up for updates, and watch the video below to see it in action.

(Images: Microblink)