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Inch and a half between liner and bridge

Jumbo cruiser sneaks through unscathed

Inch and a half between liner and bridge

The Allure of the Seas, at £1billion the world's newest super liner - squeezed under Denmark's Store Belt Bridge with a margin of error of just 4cm, this weekend.

The captain of the 72m tall, 360m long monster had 50cm (20in) to play with between boat and bridge, until a swell and worsening weather conditions brought the margin of error to within the width of a well fed hamster.

Hans Nilsen, an official at the Korsoer Naval Station, said the passage went well after the Allure had lowered its telescopic smokestacks. He said traffic on the bridge did not have to be stopped during the passage because the voyage was made during daytime, reducing any risks.

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Images: PA