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If you own any of these VHS you're sitting on a fortune

Time to have a rummage in the attic

If you own any of these VHS you're sitting on a fortune

Grab a ladder. Right now, don't ask questions. 

Head to your loft. 

Locate that bin bag full of those VHS cassettes you stowed up there back in 1997 "just in case" - you sly old dog you.

The cause of this mad dash? To see if you have any of the most valuable VHS tapes sitting unnoticed in dark, damp storage. has commissioned a 'VHS expert' (new favourite job) to compile a list of the rarest, most valuable black plastic rectangles that time forgot.

See if you have any of the following...

Eegah (Trytel)

Value: £500

The Love Butcher (Intervision) £200

Value: £200

The Evil Dead (Palace)

Value: £200

Madhouse (Medusa, alternative sleeve with cartoon dog at top)

Value: £250

Nightmare Maker (Atlantis - alternative orange sleeve)

Value: £400

Devil Hunter

Value: £500

Hitchhike to Hell (VRO)

Value: £500

Anthropophagus the Beast (Video Shack)

Value: £500

House of Perversity (GO)

Value: £600

Farewell Africa (Fletcher)

Value: £600

Death Curse Of Tartu (Knockout)

Value: £700

Black Decameron (Intervision)

Value: £800

The Flesh Eaters (Knockout)

Value: £800

Don't Open the Window (Films of the 80s)

Value: £900

Lemora, Lady Dracula (IFS)

Value: £900

Journey Into The Beyond (Citycenta GO)

Bold: £1,000

The Legend of Hillbilly John (Rainbow)

Value: £1,000

The Beast in Heat (JVI)

Value: £1,200

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (JVI)

Value: £1,500