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How to speak Italian with your hands

How to speak Italian with your hands

How to speak Italian with your hands
19 August 2015

If we've learnt anything from the many hammy gangster films we've seen over the years, it's that the Italian language is approximately 30 percent vocal, 70 percent physical.

Take the word 'Prego': If you're shouting it in someone's face while failing like you've licked a mains socket, it means "What do you want?". If you're whispering it tenderly into someone's ear while stroking their hair, it means "Please?".

For many key phrases, you don't need to say anything at all - just a few simple hand gestures will put your meaning across. Which is where the chiselled features of these Dolce & Gabbana models come in - the Italian luxury brand has put together a guide to its best-known national hand gestures. 

Again, it's all in the physicality, with many of these doubling as both a question or a statement depending on how you swing your arm. And if that fails you, you could follow the Family Guy method.

[Via: Neatorama]