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How to play Halo like a pro

From gun choices to map reading, here are the skills you need to play like Jimbo, a Halo pro.

How to play Halo like a pro

James "Jimbo" Bradbrook is much better at Halo than you.

A former European Champion, he and his Epsilon eSport team have just won $7,500 in the Halo World Championship Tour, qualifying for the world finals and a prize pot of $1,000,000.

From gun choices to map reading, here are the skills you need to play like Jimbo, a Halo pro.

What one weapon should you always have in your arsenal?

"Battle Rifle; four shots to the head for a perfect kill."

What’s the first skill you master to become a pro player?

"Communication. Good communication is key to helping a team improve."

What tactics/skills do “casual” players not know about?

"I would say map awareness.

"As a pro player you need to have the ability to predict where every player is on the map at all points in the game, just from reading your team mate's positions."

How do you go about improving your kill-to-death ratio?

"I would say valuing your life in-game. A lot of players run into battles carelessly just wanting to beat that player individually but since Halo 5: Guardians is a team-based game, you’re most likely going to get outnumbered."

Will adjusting button layouts and stick sensitivity help improve play?

"In my opinion not really, you use whatever button layout you are most comfortable with.

"Most pro players either use Bumper Jumper or Default, but each layout has its own advantage in-game. It also depends on what controller you use."

Pro controllers often play with custom controllers that add buttons to the rear of the controller, allowing them to use additional fingers. Check out the controller Jimbo uses here.

Are there any shorthand commands for communicating as a team/how do you improve team communication?

"You can reduce the amount of words you say in a call out. For example, a common call out is ‘One shot S2’ which means there is a player that has no shields on the second floor of the sniper tower. This means you’re saying less syllables during the call out. "

Are there any maps that demand one you change your play style?

"The map called ‘The Rig’ requires you to play a lot slower due to how many corners and tunnels there are on the map; compared to a map like ‘Coliseum’ where it’s a lot more open with many different angles you can shoot from."