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Here's how to access Facebook's new 'Asteroids Attack' augmented reality game

Interactive fun on the old internet superhighway

Here's how to access Facebook's new 'Asteroids Attack' augmented reality game
08 August 2018

Facebook, eh? Bit of fun, looking at stuff on it and reading things and scrolling and that - love a bit of Facebook, you do. 

But what if we told you that Facebook is about to get a DAMN SIGHT MORE INTERESTING, BUD? What then? What would you actually do? 

Well, you would lap it up, wouldn’t ya? You would absolutely swallow two new augmented reality games that you play in Facebook Messenger, wouldn’t you? It would be like all your Christmasses had come at once. An Augmented Reality Christmas! - coming to cinemas near you soon.

But how would one access these fancy new games? Well, it’s very easy, actually. What ya gotsta do, is this:

1. Pick up that damn phone of yours (only joking, it’s already in your hand - you’re addicted)

This requires the use of your hands, which are - according to doctors - the opposite of your feet

2. Simply open the Facebook Messenger app

It’s the fun blue speech bubble with some LIGHTNING in it. This one:


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4. Get a video chat on the go

You’ll need to click the video camera icon:

5. Click the big star and then choose your game!

At present you’ve got Asteroids Attack and Don’t Smile to play. 

The former involves stopping the spaceship parked on your nose from hitting any of the oncoming asteroids and the latter involves trying to make your friend laugh by whatever methods you deem morally acceptable (we’re not going to judge).

6. Fall out with all your friends

Lose at a game and then cut off all ties with them, the cheating, lying charlatans!

(Images: Getty/Facebook)