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Here's how to get 280 characters on Twitter right now

You can talk nonsense for twice as long

Here's how to get 280 characters on Twitter right now
27 September 2017

Whatever you think of Twitter’s decision to double the character limit - and there’s a lot of people who think there are more pressing things that they should be concentrating on - there’s one thing that’s not in doubt.

You want 280 of those sweet, sweet characters.

And you want them now.

Twitter claimed that it was testing the new limit on a ‘small group’ of people, but some clever clogs out there have already worked out a way for anyone to get access to the new feature.

There are various ways of doing it - essentially it boils down to accessing a developer tool and, crucially, it can only be done if you are using Tweetdeck - but one person with particularly clever clogs is Juliette Pretot, who has created a very simple way to get yourself access to the hottest new feature in Twittertown.

Just click here, follow the three steps (complete with handy gif guides) and, boom, you can use your newfound space to issue such profound statements as this:

How does it feel?

It feels GOOOOOD. I look down upon you paupers with only 140 characters and I pity you.