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How to cure zombie eyes

How to cure zombie eyes

How to cure zombie eyes

It’s hard to impress anyone if you resemble an extra from The Walking Dead. So we asked Olivier Bonnefoy, founder of Gentlemen’s Tonic ( for his advice.


“So-called ‘zombie eyes’ are down to a build-up of toxins under the eyes caused by stress, lack of sleep or dehydration, leading to dark circles and bags. These issues can cause blood vessels around the eye to enlarge and become puffy. As we age, the underlying blood vessels get more prominent, so dark circles are more noticeable.”


“To rid ourselves of tired, dull eyes we need plenty of sleep, lots of water, less alcohol and less stress. This isn’t always possible with hedonistic routines.”

Quick fix

“Women will use concealer and, while there are similar options available for men on the market, as a society I don’t think we’ve reached that level of metrosexuality yet. Instead, you should have weekly or monthly professional 20-minute eye treatments. These treatments should use eye creams that hydrate and firm the area around the eye to improve the skin’s elasticity and slow down the ageing process of thinning skin, which pronounces the darker colour under our eyes.”