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How to be a hit on dates

How to be a hit on dates

How to be a hit on dates
05 March 2014

Alexandra Roach on how to be a hit on dates

The One Chance and Utopia star explains why overly flash romancing makes her gag

“Make the most of where you live, even if it means getting Boris bikes and riding over the river together. Dates don’t have to be expensive or flash – that would make me want to gag. One of the best dates I’ve been on was a wine-tasting day out. We didn’t plan it, we just walked past the place and went in. You can get to know someone without having to ask them loads of questions.

“You don’t have to shy away from being romantic. Maybe not on the first date, you can come across as a bit of a keen-o, but if you’re trying to woo someone, really try to woo them.

“I’m into guys who have their own style rather than just following trends. The first thing I do is look at a man’s shoes. And if they have a pointy shiny shoe, that’s me out. Ugh. Grim. It just reminds me of sixth form when all the boys went through a stage of wearing pointy shoes.

“One guy I went out with was wearing a hat. We went to this place and it was really hot, and he kept his hat on. He was being really edgy, and it was making me edgy. I was like ‘take it off’, and he said, ‘No I want to keep it on.’ He was really sweating. And then he told me he was bald! If you are going bald just embrace it, don’t be that guy.

“Marlon Brando was the ultimate man. He looked great and had an air about him, and a talent and a passion. I think it’s important for a man to have a passion. You want to see something that gets the fire in their belly going when they talk. To know that they’re passionate. Because how can they be passionate about you if they’re not passionate about anything else?”

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