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How To Avoid Jet Lag

How To Avoid Jet Lag

How To Avoid Jet Lag

Wide awake at 3am. Your eyes suddenly feeling like lead at 3pm. Jet lag after a long flight is never fun, and usually just frustrating.

But help is at hand with the aid of this excellent infographic, created by Visitors Coverage, which offers 22 tips on what to do before departure and during the journey itself, to get your body ready for the change.

Sadly, our previous favourite strategy of staying up ages, then drinking as much as we could whilst (just about) still being able to walk onto the plane, don't seem to be part of the recommended guide. Now we think about it, it was never tremendously effective. But it was fun.

So, for the more serious of you, take a look below. Click to zoom, and try and minimise your sleep disruption.

(Images: Visitors Coverage/Shutterstock)

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