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According to a massive study this is the exact amount of sleep you need

It's the most extensive study of its kind

According to a massive study this is the exact amount of sleep you need
Tom Victor
19 October 2018

If you’ve got this far into the article, we have some good news for you – you’re not so sleep deprived that you can’t focus on a single line of text.

However, there’s a difference between getting sleep and getting enough sleep. Some claim just three hours of sleep a night can leave you happy, though that remains up for debate.

How much is enough, then? A huge new study, with more than 44,000 participants, has aimed to get to the bottom of that very question.

The study, from the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University in Canada also took a look at how much sleep is too much.

Yes, there is such a thing, despite what your 15-hour Sunday morning lie-in might tell you.

As reported by Inc, the study involved thousands of participants tracking their sleep over the course of three days before being subjected to a series of tests.

“We wanted to find out what sleep is like in the real world,” neuroscientist and study leader Adrian M. Owen explained.

“How do real people sleep? How much sleep do they get and what effect is it having on their brain?”

So, based on the findings, what can we conclude? Are those three hours purists onto something? In short, no.

“We found that the optimum amount of sleep to keep your brain performing at its best was between seven to eight hours every single night,” research associate Conor Wild said.

“We also found those who slept more than that amount were equally as impaired as those who slept too little,” Wild added. See – there is such a thing as too much sleep.

The next trick? Actually getting yourself to sleep quickly enough that seven or eight hours of actual dreams is more than a pipe dream.

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