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This is how much you have to earn a year to be considered rich

Do you qualify?

This is how much you have to earn a year to be considered rich

I am positively rolling in it. I am overflowing with cash. I’ve got dough coming out of my ears. Dollar spraying from every orifice.

Nope, sorry, that’s something else. Let us never speak of this admission again.

However, some people are actually rolling in cash, the fuckers. But just how much cash does one have to roll in before they are deemed “rich” by their peers? I always go by Bombay Mix – I class my mate Darren as rich because he gets his Bombay Mix from Waitrose but I get mine from the scary shop down the road for 20p. I was not involved in this survey.

Anyway, YouGov did a poll on 2040 adults in the UK, and essentially asked them what yearly salary they considered would belong to a “rich” person or a “poor” person. The results have been transformed into a handy graph. Here, looky-see-see:

Dunno who the fuck thinks that earning £60,500 a year is poor, but the results aren’t too surprising. Basically, people think you’re rich if you earn over 60 grand, which is fair enough. That’s a nice wage packet.

The same question is also looked at using individual income milestones here:

The results are a bit more obvious there.

More interestingly, when the participants were asked whether they classed themselves as rich, the outcome differed slightly. Grip your chin between your thumb and forefinger, narrow your eyes, and look at this:

Essentially, nobody ever thinks they’re rich, ever. People admit they’re poor when they’re earning salaries on the lower end of the scale, but people always want more (I could have told you that).

Here’s some more data in GIF form, how exciting:

Essentially, what we can glean from this is that rich people don’t think they’re rich, most people think rich people are rich, and rich people don’t think rich is rich. Or something.

If you fancy squaring up to an intimidatingly large succession of tables and numbers that make zero sense, then you can check out the full results of the survey here.

(Images: iStock/YouGov)


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