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Woh, a peanut butter fondue bar is coming to London

Oh. My. God

Woh, a peanut butter fondue bar is coming to London
08 November 2017
There’s an elite group of foods that taste just as good hot as they do cold. Cheese: really good in sandwiches, on crackers or eaten directly from the block as you stand at the fridge door. Sausage rolls: nice cold, even nicer hot. Chocolate: good in bar form, also good melted and coming out of a fountain.

Now there’s a new - maybe slightly surprising? - food to add to this list: peanut butter. And if you fancy stuffing your face with the stuff, you’ll be pleased to hear that organic nut butter purveyors Whole Earth are set to run an ENTIRE FESTIVAL of peanut butter fondue.

“With autumn well and truly upon us, we’re bringing winter warmers with a twist,” they say. “Nut butter lovers can purchase tickets for themselves and up to three friends to take part in a two hour nut-butter fondue extravaganza.” The festival coincides with Whole Earth’s 50th anniversary.

There’ll be sweet and savoury fondues (including original peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter) and diners will be given recipes if they want to recreate the dishes at home.

Tickets to the festival, which will be held at Perseverance Works in Hackney on 24 and 25 November, cost £4.99 for “all the nut fondue you could possibly eat” within the space of 120 minutes – presumably quite a lot.

If you fancy it, you can get tickets here, but if you can’t be arsed to leave the house you can always put a bunch of peanut butter in a saucepan and halfheartedly dip some marshmallows in it, I spose.

(Images: Whole Earth/iStock)