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Hilarious snaps of man posing with tourists posing with landmarks

Photobomb Inception

Hilarious snaps of man posing with tourists posing with landmarks
Danielle de Wolfe
06 September 2016

Imagine seeing the holiday snaps of the first person who came up with the idea of using perspective to make it look like you were picking up landmarks. You'd think it was brilliant. It'd blow your tiny mind. Stamping on the Pyramids. Booting Big Ben. Eating the Reichstag. All brilliant. You'd tell everyone about it, or else steal the idea and pass it off as your own.

Then everyone would think you were brilliant and do the same thing. This cycle would repeat until we reach the present day, where - from any given angle - it's impossible to glimpse so much as an inch of the Eiffel Tower that hasn't got a thousand hands pretending to push it over. You are no longer looking at an iconic landmark, but the embodiment of a stale joke.

The Imgur user savidiot has finally added a fresh spin, perspective posing with the tourists perspective posing with the landmarks. It's brilliant. In fact, it's the sort of idea you might even steal yourself...

Basically, enjoy these snaps now while the joke is funny and fresh, and before your entire Facebook feed is just a ridiculous infinite Russian doll stream of people posing against other people posing against other people.