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Here's when Pokémon GO is arriving in the UK

The wait is almost over

Here's when Pokémon GO is arriving in the UK
11 July 2016

Australia's got it. New Zealand has it. The US is going mad for it. 

Pokémon GO is on course to be the most successful app launch of the year, outpacing the likes of Tinder for downloads and skirting close to overtaking Twitter for daily active users. It's already added some £6 billion in value to Nintendo's share price following its American launch - but it's still not available in Europe.

Apparently Niantic Lab - the group behind the hugely successful artificial reality app - has "paused" the roll out of the app in further international territories while they help fix the servers that make the game playable. 

However, Wall Street Journal has heard from "​people familiar with plans for the game" that the app will launch in Europe and Asia "within a few days".


Cancel your weekend plans. Tell your mates you're worried about the Zika virus. Scratch that - tell your mates to keep their eyes on the App Store and Google Play for the next "few days" and get ready to form your own Pokémon hunting crew. 

Just use it for good, okay guys?