Here's what happens when you put a can of Coke in liquid nitrogen


How do you like to drink the world’s most popular carbonated, caramelised soda with vegetable extracts better known as Coca Cola?

If you've any sense, at a slightly warmer temperature than that in the video below, which sees one mad scientist and his team dunk a 300ml can of Coca Cola into liquid nitrogen, with spectacular results - all captured on camera by Periodic Videos. And we know he's a mad scientist because a) he has a white frizzy perm, and b) he's never drank a can of Coke in his life, but we digress...

Once the 196-C chemicals start to freeze the can, the metal is eventually split in two and emits freezing cold liquid all over itself. As the soda discharge flies out, it clouds up - yes, a bit like that time you put too much ice cream in your Coke float, only much harder, creating a flurry of waves and fluff that chief boffin Sir Martyn describes as “artwork”.

Then his team proceed to do what any right-minded men of science would do and bash it with a hammer in slow motion. Now that is a money shot and a half. And for the basis of impartiality they also mention carrying out the same test with Pepsi. 

Don’t try this at home. Not out of safety, mind, it’s just a tragic waste of sweet, sweet Coca Cola.