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Here's how to stop Snapchat eating all your data and battery

Happy flirting. Sorry, Snapchatting.

Here's how to stop Snapchat eating all your data and battery

Snapchat. The vacuous, laid-back, fun child of the social media circuit. 

We're not here to ask you about what you use it for (humorous selfies, right?), just to let you in on a key feature that will help you save a bundle of battery and data when browsing all those snaps of your mates at the gym.

Happy flirting. Sorry, Snapchatting. 


From the Home Screen, swipe down to bring up your main profile page (the place you add friends from).

Tap the settings cog in the top-right corner.


In the settings menu, scroll down to the section called ADDITIONAL SERVICES and click Manage.


From here, you'll want to engage "Travel Mode".

What this setting does is cut down heavily on your data usage. Once it's engaged, Snapchat won't start automatically queuing up videos to watch from the Stories page. Now, to watch any content, you'll just need to give it a tap and Snapchat will start downloading that individual clip.

So, no more data and battery draining. Nothing but sweet, sweet... clips? 

Seriously, what do you guys use it for?