This quote proves that Donald Trump has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about

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Chris Sayer

If you needed more hard evidence not to trust a word that comes out of Donald Trump’s pie hole, this quote from two months ago should do it.

In the wake of his recent world-angering remarks about enforcing a blanket ban on Muslims entering America, it’s worth travelling back in time to when the Republican presidential candidate gushed about the religion to CNN:

I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people.

Trump expressed his love after being asked if he thought Islam posed a threat to the US, and went on to say that he’d have “absolutely no problem” with enlisting a member of the Muslim faith to his cabinet. Alongside this there's also his previous history of business in Muslim countries, which was obviously fine because it was making him rich.

All of which are polar opposite stances for the businessman and reality TV star, who this week stated, “We need a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States while we figure what the hell is going on” to a crowd of 500 supporters. 

The comments have since been condemned by The White House, calling them offensive, toxic, and will “disqualify him from serving as president.” And quite rightly...


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