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Here’s everything we know about the new iPhone so far

Here’s everything we know about the new iPhone so far

Here’s everything we know about the new iPhone so far

How do you improve upon the iPhone? Why is a man pushing his dongle in my face?

Two questions sure to be on the lips of the masses huddled together to see Apple make its latest big reveal on 21 March - heavily expected to be the iPhone SE.

Suspiciously Encrypted? Seriously Expensive? Smaller Edition? It's actually believed to be 'Special Edition', though the latter wouldn't be too wide of the mark as the company looks to release a smaller, cheaper version of its beloved smartphone in a bid to persuade customers using older models to upgrade.

Here’s what we can speculate on the model so far:

It will replace the iPhone 5 but you won’t know it

Originally dubbed the 5se, the iPhone SE is now the second model after the first generation model without a number in its name after the company thought bringing back a '5' during the iPhone 6 cycle might confuse people. 'Pictured' here (right) next to the iPhone 5, there's not much in it.

The power button is on the side

Spot it on the last picture? Yes, as these other leaked photos show, the tech giant has moved the power button to the side. If it makes turning off the alarm a bit easier, that’s fine for us.

4-inch screen and 1136 x 640 pixel display

Despite measuring an inch and a half less than the lofty iPhone 6 Plus, and 0.7-inches smaller than the regular iPhone 6, probably giving Siri a ‘funny how’ Joe Pesci sort of infliction, it’s believed the SE will still cram in most of the features already found in the 6s, including a 12 megapixel camera and 22.Ghz processor. Which basically means Kim Kardashian's selfies are about to turn next level. Big talk.

It will cost £250-£300

With more iPhone users than ever seemingly happy to keep hold of their older models, the company will be hoping a lower price mark – slightly cheaper than the latest entry-level model - will be incentive enough for those who don’t spend two days queuing up in a tent to upgrade.

It won’t have 3D Touch

Some bad news: the tech that allows users to do more with apps and games dependent on pressure applied to the screen you like so much? That remains exclusive to the iPhone 6s.

Apple Pay will feature

Ramming home the importance of contactless payment and forcing the world of debit card-waving luddites into the 22nd century, the SE will almost certainly support Apple Pay mobile payments service with NFL (near field communication). When the original iPhone 5 line is finally discontinued, this means all iPhones will be fitted with Apple Pay.

Bigger battery

Some welcome news for everyone fed up with the daily rigour that is managing to keep your iPhone battery from running out before you've made it home from the office. According to reports, the battery life will be a whopping 1,642mAh, an increase on the 1,570 mAh found in Apple’s current entry-level model.

You're going to have to like curves

It might look like the iPhone 5s on the face of it, but there may be some slightly more curved 2.5D glass if some reports are to be believed.

It’s packing

Powered by an Apple A8 chipset and M8 co-processor currently used on the iPhone 6 word also has it that the SE will boast 16GB and 64GB storage capacities, Live Photo capabilities, a slightly protruding rear camera is expected to be 12 mega-pixels, the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Not quite an orchard of new Apple features, but a tried and trusted arsenal.

People will buy it whatever it has on it

See you in the queue.