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Here are all the major PlayStation E3 announcements

A recap of all the games announced by PlayStation at this year's E3 conference

Here are all the major PlayStation E3 announcements
15 June 2016

Well gosh.

Just when you thought Microsoft announcing two consoles was set to be the major story of the week, Sony set about burying all of Xbox's hard work under an avalanche of muscular new titles. 

These are the pick of the bunch.

God of War

By the gods this looks good. An emphasis on role playing features alongside brutal combat with an enchanted axe, set in a world of terrifying beasts, PlayStation's major mascot is looking better than ever.

The Last Guardian

What feels like one of the most delayed PlayStation titles of all time finally has a new release date - 25 October. 

Let's hope it sticks to this one.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

We were never sure what to make of Horizon: Zero Dawn - an open world adventure that pits a resourceful, bow wielding character against giant robotic creatures - but things made a lot more sense when we got to watch the game in action. Slick combat, stunning creature design, we could put hours into this one.

Detroit: Become Human

One of PlayStation's bold new titles, Detroit is a crime whodunnit with a difference. You play an android with better-than-human abilities to examine a crime scene. The more you learn about a scene, the more options you’ll have to put things right when you confront the criminal. A huge array of potential questions and interactions means you might never see all this game has got up its sleeve. 


A new Spider-Man game! That's all you need to know really... Just watch the trailer.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

How do you make a regular Resident Evil game even scarier? Add extensive VR capacities and make the horrible dead things slash at your eyeballs. You're going to need new trousers...