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A hen do crashed BBC's Olympic coverage, Dan Walker handled it like a champ

It's gold for Walker and silver for Balding

A hen do crashed BBC's Olympic coverage, Dan Walker handled it like a champ

Amid all Team GB's unbridled medal-amassing last night, came a bride-to-be. Just one inadvertently brilliant moment on an epic night of BBC Olympic coverage.

First up was Clare Balding, left metaphorically marooned in the studio when live coverage of the sailing was cut short. Her reactions pretty much saying it all...

"Yep, we're coming back to the studio"
'Oh crap'

And then, over on BBC Four, it was the turn of Dan Walker, who found his set being gatecrashed by a hen party who wanted to get on the telly. Instead of ignoring them, the eternally likeable broadcaster decided to interview the bride-to-be, Maria De Cezar, and her gaggle of mates, making for quite the coverage and furthering the united bond between global nations.

After Walker asked the cameraman to get a shot of the hen party, who appeared to be tied together with rope (obviously), De Cezar came over for a chat. Her friends were chanting “Maria, Maria, Maria” throughout. Walker even managed to pull off the double cheek kiss:

Later taking to social media to Tweet “How to solve a problem like Maria? You interview her. 746 things could have gone wrong but it was great fun", Walker has now helped make De Cezar, who is Brazilian and will be married in a month, an unofficial hero of the event, clearly enjoying her three minutes of UK fame. 
Proof that sometimes a terrible idea like inviting an excited hen party to be interviewed can actually turn out well.
In our eyes, it's gold for Walker and silver for Balding.