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Watch this guy get a perfect Tetris score and feel inadequate

Beautiful blocks all fitting together nicely...

Watch this guy get a perfect Tetris score and feel inadequate
06 June 2016

On this day, in 1984, the first Tetris game was released in the USSR.

We don't know about you but, like, Tetris is so hard. So very hard. To this very day. We've completed every Grand Theft Auto and yet this is still one that haunts us. That is the point, granted, but there's something about the seeming simplicity of the task at hand - make these blocks fit and win points for doing that - to the soundtrack of a computerised version of Russian folk classic Korobeiniki that is liable to send you into a full-blown panic attack. Maybe it is just us...

Anyway, watching this guy - Spectre255 - complete the Gameboy version of Tetris - a whopping 999,999 points, very well earned - is a wholly mesmerising and depressing experience. "I had been playing Tetris for months before finally achieving this feat on March 7, 2006," says Spectre255. "Supposedly, it's the first time anyone in the world has done it."

This kind of lightning quick reaction time and modesty only comes around once in a while, so get yourself a few cups of tea - unless you're fasting, in which case: Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating the Holy Month - and watch 32 minutes and 32 seconds of emasculating brainpower to celebrate the game's 32nd birthday.