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Watch: Incredible moment two hackers use a tablet and smartphone to steal a Tesla

Magic thieves! Thief magicians!

Watch: Incredible moment two hackers use a tablet and smartphone to steal a Tesla
24 October 2018

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO STEAL A TESLA, WE’RE ABOUT TO TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT!, bringing you the tips and tricks you need to succeed in life, 24/7.

At least, we’re going to tell you in the form of a video in which two men steal a Tesla car, although we are quite unsure of their exact methods - you can gather the rest, you clever bunch of crims. Here, look:

Essex man Antony Kennedy had only owned the car for nine months before it was whipped out from under his nose, with his house’s security cameras catching the whole operation. That’s a lovely and nice 45 grand down the toilet, right there.

Essentially what’s happening here is that the two bandits are hacking the car’s key FOB signal (even though it wasn’t even near the front of his house) - one burgler was using the tablet to boost the signal to the other burgler’s smartphone. This enables them to unlock the car without even touching it - they’re like a very naughty Penn and Teller.

Then, once in the car, they disable the car’s sim and drive off, meaning it can’t be tracked.

Kennedy drops some helpful advice for Tesla-owners at the end of the vid:

“Remember to disable passive entry and enable pin to drive”

He also told Motherboard:

“Passive entry is like magic. It’s one of the coolest things about the car — you walk up to it and the handles magically appear.

“I think Tesla could still do more. Make it the thief’s problem, not the consumer’s. They could use an eSIM to make it hard to disable tracking. They could require a PIN to turn off remote access. They could use facial recognition or fingerprint scanning. My phone can do that. Why not an expensive car made by a tech giant?”

As it currently stands, the thieves haven’t been caught yet either - so a real win for crime today! Just the £45,000 made off scott-free! Boing! 

(Image: Getty)