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Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition

Dedication is what you need

Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition
18 January 2012

If something exists, there is a world record. And where there is a world record there is the Guinness World Records. The fifth edition of Gamer’s Edition is out now, so once we’d picked our jaw off the floor after realising the breadth of records, we decided to highlight some of the bizarre best ofs out there.

1. Largest Collection of Playable Gaming Systems

Richard Leece has an astounding 483 gaming systems in his collection – that includes home consoles, portable games and LCD mini-systems. Impressive. And like some people pore over scarce Beatles pressings or Penny Black stamps, Richard’s collection includes the rare gold Nintendo Championship cart, the holy grail for many a gamer.

2: Largest Videogame Controller

The world’s largest fully functional console gamepad measures a staggering 366 cm x 159 cm x 51 cm. The work of British engineering student Ben Allen, plus two fellow students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, if you wanted to use the pad like you would a normal controller, you would need to be 51 metres tall. To put that into context, a similar height to Nelson’s Column.

3. Most Particpants in a Football Videogame

Maintaining a Trafalgar Square theme - see what we did there? - on 11 June 2010, 82 people took part in a game of FIFA World Cup 2010 in London's hallowed tourist destination. Just think what the figure could have been if pigeons were allowed to take part.

4. Longest Video Games Marathon

Just think what you could do in 109 hours. The mind boggles. For Belgians Tony Desmet, Jesse Rebmann and Jeffrey Gammon there was no contest. They staged a mammoth video games marathon by playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood at the GUNKtv World Record Gaming Event in Antwerp, Belgium, from 18-22 December 2010. What about going to the toilet?

5. Youngest Pro Gamer

What were you doing at the age of seven? Kicking a football about in the local park? Ignoring girls because they smell and that? Thought as much. Lil Poison, or Victor De Leon III, was signing an exclusive deal with Major League Gaming. Starting to feel a wee bit inadequate. Good. We do too.

6. Longest Winning Streak on Street Fighter

Think you’re good at Street Fighter? Think again. Allow us to introduce you to the frankly awesome Ryan Hart. In 2010, Hart went unbeaten for 169 matches of Street Fighter IV. Playing as Sagat, he not only notched up that impressive streak, but it was achieved by only losing a mere two games, both to combatants playing Ryu.

7. Largest Collection of Super Marios

Ever collected anything? Now ask yourself this: did your collection contain 5,400 unique items. No? Because that’s how many items of Super Mario memorabilia Mitsugu Kikai had when his collection was counted 18 months ago. Just think what the figure stands at now.

8. Most People Dressed as Videogame Characters

Last October 425 people dressed as video games characters in New Berlin, Wisconsin. This is a World Record. Come on, people. We can beat this. Let’s get in the next edition of Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.