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'Guess The Game' Art Series

'Guess The Game' Art Series

'Guess The Game' Art Series

Think you know your games do you? Know the difference between Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily at 100 metres? Then you've come to the right show, friend.

French graphic designer Aymeric Bernard boasts an impressive video game knowledge. His gorgeous isometric art series Know Your Game presents the back drops and levels of several classic titles, devoid of their iconic characters and foe.

The results are captivating visual quiz - can you identify a game from its world when presented with an unfamiliar perspective?

Head over to Bernard's Behance page to see more of his brilliant work. You can find the identities of each game at the end of the series. And yes - of course we got them all right. 

(Images: Aymeric Bernard)

[Via: Geek Art]