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Greatest Ever Stage Dive

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats, we salute you

Greatest Ever Stage Dive
05 May 2011

It’s with a mix of envy and admiration that we came across this ace shot of Hodgy Beats from music's latest hot young things Odd Future jumping from the stage at last week’s Camden Crawl. Captured by photographer Jamie James Medina (our pic doesn't do it justice) you can see it in all its glory here.

The alternative hip hop darlings from Los Angeles have acquired something of a take-no-prisoners reputation of late with their refreshing blend of beats and rhymes, but we're just as thrilled to see them resurrecting the noble art of stage diving (the group, led by Tyler The Creator, are all practitoners).

You see, our stage diving career began and ended just as abruptly on one night in Exeter in the 90s - a long story that we won't bore you with here. So you can understand why we're slightly envious of Hodgy's prodigous leap.

It could have been us. It should have been us. Seriously, look at it all big'n'stuff.

(Images: Jamie James Medina)