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Gran Turismo 5 comes to life

Caterham let loose on streets of Tokyo

Gran Turismo 5 comes to life

Virtual reality isn’t enough for some people and there isn’t a better case in point than the chaps over at Caterham cars in Japan. After spending many a bleary-eyed night playing the new Gran Turismo 5, a select few die-hard petrol heads decided to take a classic British sports car out on the streets of Tokyo and relive their favourite ‘route 246’ GT5 track for real.

Forget the obvious Nissan Skyline or a hulking great Lamborghini, the keen gamers decided the best way to tackle the busy Tokyo streets was via a nippy little British two-seater. Enter the Caterham R500, one of the original lightweight sports cars. Based on the British Lotus Seven of the late Fifties, this modern version generates a whopping 263bhp in a chassis that weighs only 506kg. In laymen’s terms that means a 0-60mph sprint time of a mind-boggling 2.8 seconds, perfect for scaring the pigeons of Tokyo.

The result? This eye-watering on-board footage of the powerful Caterham hooning around the streets reminiscent of the infamous 1976 French film C'était un Rendez-vous. The modern version may not be quite as suicidal as its Parisian counterpart but it does provide the GT5 fan boys out there with a glimpse of their favourite track brought to life.

Check it out below...


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