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Forget Disney Plus - Google Play Movies is about to level up

You're going to be in for a treat.

Forget Disney Plus - Google Play Movies is about to level up
30 March 2020

With an ever-expanding proliferation of streaming platforms available to us all, it can be tricky to know which one to pick.

And now there's another contender on the scene, at least according to reports from experts 9 to 5 Google. They've looked at code in the updated Google Play Movies app, and believe that the service will soon be offering films to watch absolutely free of charge.

The movies may have ads, the code suggests, but that's likely a price fans are willing to pay to get their films for free.

According to the site, version 4.18.37 has a revealing line of code, suggesting free films are coming. Strings include "hundreds of movies, just a few ads", and "introducing Watch Free with ads".

9 to 5 Google compares the feature to Vudu, a "movie and TV marketplace" which also "has a rotating library of free content that plays ads intermittently throughout the film".

It could also be that the films are an extension of YouTube Movies, a platform you may already have used, where you can select and purchase films to watch online or stream on your TV.

These, too, are a mixture of paid-for and free, so the model extending to the Google Play Movies app is not a huge leap.

At the moment, free titles are few and far between compared to those you can buy or rent, so if the feature does roll out it might mean a significant increase in what you can watch at no cost.

No details or confirmation on when the feature might be rolled out, or indeed if it's actually going to happen. We'll keep you in the loop.