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‘Good Morning Britain’ asked if millennials are useless and the replies are glorious

Some of these responses are hilarious

‘Good Morning Britain’ asked if millennials are useless and the replies are glorious
30 January 2018

A millennial, as I’m pretty sure you’ll know, is someone who was born anywhere from the early 1980s to around 2000. By and large, they’re more comfortable with the internet and technology than older generations, they’re less religious, more socially liberal and have become associated with bizarre, gimmicky trends like avocado toast, which by the way I’ve never eaten. Not even once. I know, shoot me.

We’ve recently written about the world’s best city for ‘broke millennials’, which you can read here, and how millennials keep breaking a very old work-related taboo, which you can pick up on here.

And with the rise of awareness about millennials, there’s been a predictable backlash from older generations with accusations that we’re too precious, that we’re snowflakes and that we’re lazy. To this I say: bash away. Because one day you’ll be banged up in a care home longing for a visit from your kids and grandkids but (and this is important to know) we millennials have long memories and we’re very, VERY petty.

And the latest people to jump on the millennial-bashing bandwagon are the folks over at Good Morning Britain. To accompany a rather uninspiring TV segment, the show’s Twitter account asked: “Are millennials (those aged in the 18-35 range) useless?”

Quite frankly, the ridiculousness of this question doesn’t deserve a serious reply but bemused young Twitterers took the time to roast the show in the most perfect way. These are some of the best responses.

Twitter Queen Mollie Goodfellow said: “I see they let your dad at the GMB twitter account.”

Hannah Shaw-Williams didn’t hold back:

Dewi Hargreaves, referencing the Iraq War fake picture scandal that led to Piers Morgan being sacked from The Mirror in 2004, said shadily: “I edited my uni newspaper for a year and managed not to make up any news stories about British soldiers, so we can’t be too bad.”

Oh snap! 

And here are a few more great replies:

Keep doing your worst GMB – unless you want to stop which would actually be really nice. Thanks. 

(Image: Rex)