This bloke fell at the first hurdle in his attempt to beat up a stranger and steal his golf club

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Emily Reynolds

A few years ago, new to Whatsapp, group conversations and the concept of technology in general, my mum decided she wanted to make a bitchy remark about something my sister had done. Instead of sending it directly to me, though, what actually happened was she posted it in the family group chat and then tried to pretend that it was “just a bit of banter”. Needless to say, this did not work as an excuse. She later did this several more times when attempting to bitch about my dad (posted in the group chat) and me (also posted in the group chat). 

We’ve all done it, though: if you have more than one conversation going on at once, the likelihood of posting the wrong message in the wrong thread is pretty high.

So we can all empathise with this guy, whose totally well-meaning attempt to get a good bargain on a golf club was cruelly thwarted by his inability to post in the right thread.

Because it’s the internet and we’re no longer allowed anything pure or good, it could be fake. BUT: Gregor does say that the putter is still for sale, and has also tweeted a picture of it, so unless he’s going to weird lengths to keep an equally weird joke going, it’s probably legit. 

Since Gregor says the putter’s still for sale if you’re quick you can grab yourself a bargain. Just don’t do him in, OK?


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