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Goat fails drugs test

Instantly disqualified, shamed

Goat fails drugs test
15 October 2011

Goats are rather harshly associated with the devil, but on the whole they're decent sorts.

Alas, the animal world was rocked today when a champion goat was disqualified from a competition at the Colorado State Fair after it failed a drug test.

The award-winning animal tested positive for a unapproved feed additive, as did a second goat entered by the Weinroth family.

The mother of the family told the Pueblo Chieftain that they found out about the disqualification when they received a letter from the attorney general's office, no less, which informed them that the drug had only been approved for swine and not goats.

The Winroths have argued that the animals' feed may have been tampered with and are planning to appeal. The goat is yet to comment.