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Watch the surreal moment Glastonbury techno tent blares out Corbyn's speech at 4am

He won Glastonbury

Watch the surreal moment Glastonbury techno tent blares out Corbyn's speech at 4am

The biggest act at Glastonbury this year was Jeremy Corbyn.

Somehow, a 68-year-old politician with an allotment – who was disliked by the majority of the country just a few months ago – ended up being the main talking point from one of the biggest music festivals in the world. A festival that boasted the likes of Ed Sheeran, Katie Perry and Radiohead in its line-up.

He delivered a speech to tens of thousands of baying supporters from the Pyramid Stage on Saturday, and chants of “Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn” rang out around Worthy Farm for the duration of the weekend. Once an indie act adored only by a hardcore set of superfans, Jeremy Corbyn is now a full blown rock star.

His politics have engaged young voters and provided what many feel is a new hope in British politics, but even considering his newfound popularity, this video is still surreal as fuck.

That right there is the Genosys tent in Glastonburys; Block9 – the home of house and techno at the festival – pumping out Jeremy Corbyn’s speech over the top of some heavy beats at 4am – and the crowd (at least the ones who are aware of what’s going on around them) is loving it.

Felix Dickinson is the DJ who decided to remix the speech into his Sunday night closing set, over a track which was a mash-up of ‘Think Quick’ by Infiniti and ‘6 AM In Eindhoven’ by Max 404.

I think it’s fair to assume that anyone at that tent at 4am on Glastonbury Sunday probably isn’t in the best state as things go, and just watching that video sober at my desk is trippy enough, so we can only imagine how totally surreal it must have been to be in that crowd.

Can you imagine any other politician in the world’s speech being played at a 4am rave? And people enjoying it? British politics has gone totally nuts.