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Gin Christmas crackers are here to make Yuletide go with a bang

What's better than a toy? Gin.

Gin Christmas crackers are here to make Yuletide go with a bang

Part of the beauty of Christmas crackers comes from the fact that you don’t know what you’ll get when you pull one open.

Everyone will get themselves a terrible joke and an ill-fitting hat, but beyond that? It’s pot luck whether you’ll wind up with a spinning top, a mini pack of cards, or that one thing in every pack where no one has even the faintest idea what it is.

There might be one thing better than that glorious sense of mystery, though.

As ever, the answer is booze. 

Drinks company Drinks in Tube has unveiled its new range of ‘Gin Party Crackers’ – because why should crackers just be a Christmas thing, right?

For £47.50, you can get your hands on six crackers, each with a 50ml tube of gin (what, didn’t you figure that part out from the company name?) along with a ‘paper crown and witty remark’.

No word yet on whether the witty remark becomes funnier after your tube of gin.

That’s not Drinks in Tube’s only boozy cracker offering, though.

You can also pick up a flavoured vodka equivalent for £39.99, with a choice of butterscotch, rhubarb and strawberry or chilli chocolate flavour (the gin version also offers a choice of three).

Actually, hold that thought. Vodka isn’t the most Christmassy drink you can get, is it? Come to think of it, nor is gin.

Cognac, on the other hand…

That’s right, three crackers containing Masons Yorkshire Dry Gin and three with Philippe de Castaigne VSOP Cognac, for a total of £60 for six.

They’re colour-coded – silver for gin, gold for cognac – but if you don’t tell your guests then you’ve got the element of surprise thrown into the mix.

We’ve already seen gin Easter eggs, so Gin Christmas crackers were the obvious next step - and one we’re fully behind.

(Images: Drinks in Tube/Fox)