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There's a new owner of the 'World's Greatest Dad Joke' crown

Arise, Sir Daddio

There's a new owner of the 'World's Greatest Dad Joke' crown
05 July 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to tell you that we have reached peak dad humour. 

Tell your dad to pack it in with the Brent-worthy one-liners and retire his ever-growing slogan T-shirt collection, because nobody is topping this.

The lowdown: Twitter user Bailee uploaded a photo of a note her friend had received from her dad. For whatever reason he’d confiscated her phone, and keen to rub salt in the wound, he slipped a handwritten letter under her door that read like a series of texts asking why she was ignoring him. The joke being, obviously, that she was unable to respond because she didn’t have her phone. He even ended the fake exchange with a drawing of a crying laugh emoji – something a dad should never be allowed to do.

Bow in the presence of greatness.

As always with these viral pictures (the tweet has been liked over 42,000 times at the time of writing), some will be sceptical about its authenticity. We’re here to say it’s real for two reasons: a) Only a dad would orchestrate a prank so elaborate that he’s even included the time each message was sent, as well as the network and Wi-Fi signal. He was clearly looking at the home screen of a phone at the time to make sure it was accurate. This is Very Dad. And b) Because he’s signed it off as “Daddio”.

The internet appreciated it. 

Bravo, dad.

(Image: Rex)