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George Osborne has a credit in The Force Awakens & people are not happy

The farce is strong

George Osborne has a credit in The Force Awakens & people are not happy
Danielle de Wolfe
18 December 2015

And you thought the scariest character in The Force Awakens would be Kylo Ren.

While there's no post-credits scene in the new Star Wars film (does that count as a spoiler? We hope not), those who have been staying to the end have been 'rewarded' by seeing what must be one of the most unusual credits in cinematic history.

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Ed Vaizey, the minister for Culture, both have full credits; Osborne also receives the grand 'First Secretary of State', while Vaizey is not to be outdone with his 'minister for the digital economy' added in too.

The Force Awakens was filmed mostly at Pinewood Studios in England, with other shots in Iceland, Abu Dhabi and Ireland, and it is believed that Osborne played a part in bringing the filming to these shores by changing the rules on tax incentives in the UK. It is also thought that Disney and Lucasfilm will also be filming forthcoming Star Wars films in Blighty.

But, while it is usual for governments to receive thanks in film credits, it's more unusual for specific members to be named. Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter are unhappy, with many seeing believing Osborne and Vaizey must have specifically asked for a credit - not exactly good form when there are surely more important things to do as Chancellor. On the other hand, if he was offered it, he was hardly going to turn it down was he?

Both Osborne and David Cameron attended the London premiere this week: Cameron received a little applause but Osborne was roundly booed. He'll be turning to the dark side soon - if he's not there already...

(Image: Rex)