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'Game of Thrones' showrunners Benioff and Weiss to make a series of 'Star Wars' movies

Well this is exciting

'Game of Thrones' showrunners Benioff and Weiss to make a series of 'Star Wars' movies
07 February 2018
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, creators and executive producers of Game of Thrones, are making a series of Star Wars films. Do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of trillions of dollars getting ready to be earned.

Their film series will be separate from the two already going - the regular numbered episodes and the trilogy that Rian Johnson is working on - and could involve any number of films. No release dates or timescale have been announced.

In a joint statement, Benioff and Weiss said:

“In the summer of 1977 we traveled to a galaxy far, far away, and we’ve been dreaming of it ever since. We are honored by the opportunity, a little terrified by the responsibility, and so excited to get started as soon as the final season of Game of Thrones is complete.”

This will make so much money. The world isn’t ready for how much money this will make.

And it raises loads of questions:

  • Will it keep the family-friendly nature of all the Star Wars films to date, or be laden with the swearing, violence and nudity that GOT does so well?
  • Given that Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and GOT is set in a fantasy world, could the two cross over? No reason they couldn’t, right?
  • But then what if they did a crossover where a ship from Star Wars crashlanded in Westeros but it turned out there was a twist and they were just a different scale, so everyone that got out of the spaceship was massive like a giant, would that be good? It probably wouldn’t, would it? It would be like a particularly stupid version of Gulliver’s Travels. We’re just spitballing. They’re difficult things, good ideas.
  • Who would win in a fight between Darth Maul and The Mountain?
  • Would Arya and Chewie get on? Probably. Definitely.

Game of Thrones showrunners Benioff and Weiss have got the Star Wars gig

There’s already a big crossover in terms of casting between the two brands - Gwendoline Christie is both Brienne of Tarth and Captain Phasma, Jojen Reed was in the First Order, Emilia Clarke is using a break from dragon-wrangling to star in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, and loads of minor characters show up in both. Plus both feature a blond dude having his hand cut off, a mostly-dead fella wearing some pretty great armour, wacky magic and an elderly mentor character spouting gibberish in a tree.

Good additional news: this probably means that their other planned show Confederate, which seemed like the worst idea in the world, isn’t happening.

The eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones is out next April. This new series of films could be any time after that really.

(Image: Aperture Vintage / Mart)