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These hilarious student campaign ads are the greatest thing you'll see today

"Yeah I've used Photoshop before, I'll do them"

These hilarious student campaign ads are the greatest thing you'll see today
16 April 2018

Student newspapers, eh? Without a doubt, and there are no exceptions to this: shit. Lots of silly haircuts with ideas above their station, writing about absolute nonsense and designing everything like they’re having some sort of childhood early-onset meltdown.

However, sometimes (and I know I said ‘no exceptions’) they have the capacity to bring unbridled joy into our lives. As they have done today, with the discovery of a treasure chest of campaign ads from a unnamed student newspaper, that are unadulterated genius. I am in love with these posters. I love them so much I want to marry them.


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There is so much to love:

1. The boy who has stolen a bottle of Fanta but is still queuing up for it

2. A lad talking about the dangers of drinking whilst drinking

3. The fact he also has a can in the other hand

4. “were gonna get u”

5. Every single thing happening on that peculiar sports day

6. The oven is not on, therefore it is not a ‘hot oven!!!’

7. Actually I don’t think I like anything about that last one

Of course, there’s always the distinct possibility that these aren’t real - they seem too good to be true, if you ask me - but the fact remains: they are great.

If they are real, then, sheesh. Using Photoshop is so easy - I can knock out quality work in a matter of minutes, there’s absolutely no excuse:

(Main image: Getty, other images: Twitter/@prayforpatrick)