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John Travolta is starring in a new film about Fred Durst's weird life

The pair are working on it together

John Travolta is starring in a new film about Fred Durst's weird life
07 March 2018

Two people you wouldn’t necessarily place together, Pulp Fiction actor John Travolta and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, are collaborating on a new film.

The ’Break Stuff’ singer will be directing the film, a stalker thriller entitled Moose. It’s about an obsessed movie fan named Moose (Travolta) who takes his rabid fandom of an action star (Devon Sawa from Idle Hands, Casper and Eminem’s ’Stan’ video) too far. Based on an incident from Durst’s own life when an obsessed Limp Bizkit fan crossed the line into full-on stalking, it just began filming in Alabama.

This is Durst’s third film as director. He previously made the Jesse Eisenberg drama The Education of Charlie Banks and the Ice Cube sports comedy The Longshots. It’s also Travolta’s second collaboration with a circa-2001 MTV staple in a row - he stars with Shania Twain in the also-shot-in-Alabama racing car movie Trading Paint.

Hopefully Durst and Travolta will become really good friends. Durst made a cameo in the Travolta-starring Be Cool, so maybe they can reminisce about that and marvel at how massive The Rock is now.

Fred Durst looking very Fred Dursty, here


  • Fred Durst is bald, while Travolta’s thick head of hair might allegedly not be entirely natural
  • In Grease, Travolta performed the song Greased Lightning, about a car. It had a good dance to it. ’Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’ is also sort of about a car, and has a good dance to it
  • Four-letter first names
  • Names that lend themselves to cruel nicknames, like Fred Worst and John Revolter
  • Both have used the F-word a lot, Travolta in Pulp Fiction and Durst 49 times in the song ’Hot Dog
  • Both have controversial friends, with Travolta very keen on Scientology and Durst publicly praising Vladimir Putin as “a great guy with clear moral principles and a nice person”
  • Tom Cruise knows who both of them are - he’s great pals with Travolta, and Limp Bizkit did the theme to Mission: Impossible 2
  • Both are used to standing next to someone who vastly out-cools them, Travolta with Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction and Durst with Wes Borland in everything Limp Bizkit have ever done
  • Travolta dressed as a woman in Hairspray, Durst wore loads of funny costumes in the video for ’My Way
  • Both have released songs where they were mean about Christina Aguilera
  • No, wait, that was just Fred Durst

(Images: Rex)