Fox News accidentally interviews smartest man ever about Hurricane Irma

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Dave Fawbert

‘Fox News’ and ‘smart’ are rarely seen in the same sentence, but ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day.

After the devastation that Hurricane Irma has already brought to 10 Caribbean countries and territories over the last few days, the monstrous storm has now made landfall in the US, making its way up the west coast of Florida.

With 24-hour news channels filling their coverage with little else, the obligatory reporter-on-the-ground was tasked with finding some people to take up some air time, and one Fox News reporter approached a normal-looking guy in a t-shirt and baseball cap, no doubt expecting some standard fare about how worried he was and how he was just hoping everything was gonna be fine but, y’know, this was all pretty terrifying and everyone should be concerned.

He didn’t quite get what he bargained for.

Naturally, people loved it.

And the guy’s confidence and intelligence wasn’t the only thing people loved about the clip:

You click to watch a funny clip and then you learn about microphone design. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.