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You can get paid £30 an hour to play Fortnite – who said gaming was a waste of time?

Not us!

You can get paid £30 an hour to play Fortnite – who said gaming was a waste of time?
16 March 2018

You know Fortnite? The massively addictive, enormously popular multiplayer shooter that went from “never heard of it” to “oh yeah mate, that one, I played it when it was a demo, yeah, I’m really good at it, they told me to stop playing because I was the best” in about 36 hours? The only game that both Drake and Roseanne are known to play? The game that won’t just ban you for cheating, but sue you even if you are a child

Good, innit. If you like the following three things:

  • Fortnite
  • Dosh
  • Justifying spending ages playing video games

You could be in hella luck. Bidvine, a site that lets skilled people find paid work - everything from plumbing to tutoring to rewiring a house - now offers ‘Pro Fortnite Buddies’ among the many services it can hook one up with. More experienced players can offer a bit of a helping had to noobs in exchange for money, in something of an ‘everyone’s a winner’ scenario.

Someone whose Fortnite skills aren’t quite up to snuff can specify the platform they’re playing on, the days and times (and frequency) when they could really use the help, everything really, and then it’s out there for kick-ass Fortnite players to offer up their services.

If you are one such kick-ass Fortnite player, why not consider offering your services? Bidvine estimate that a good player (who fits their minimum requirements of at least 25 first-place finishes) can earn up to £30 an hour, which is pretty awesome money especially when you consider you can do it in your pants. Like, if you ended up teaching full-time, eight hours a day, five days a week, you’d be looking at £64k a year.

If you fancy your chances imparting knowledge of multicoloured video violence, go for it

(Image: Epic Games / Pixabay)