For Just £1,083 A Month You Could Sleep In Your Own Kitchen Because London Is Insane


In one post, an landlord has dashed the dreams of almost all of London’s bachelors.

For a mere £1,083 a month, you could live in this Old Street ‘studio’ where convenience is key. You are never more than three steps from the kitchen sink – ideal for those lazy Sundays when you don’t want to leave your bed. Or can’t.

‘Brilliantly’ furnished, for a good chunk of your wage you’ll get a cupboard and desk to go with your kitchen and a single bed in the corner.

Thankfully, there is a gym in the building for when you have lost the ability to use your legs due to lack of space.

At least there is an abundance of natural light and you’re only three minutes from Farringdon Station.

But be prepared to battle against six other eager tenants who will be scrambling for this gem, in tune with the London rental market which sees at least six desperate people, still aglow with the excitement of living in the big city going for every double room.