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This guy has hilariously nailed how the first song in every musical goes

"The name of the city we live in..."

This guy has hilariously nailed how the first song in every musical goes
16 January 2019

Not everyone likes musicals, with naysayers claiming they’re pretty much all the same.

Connoisseurs of the genre, however, would argue that there’s plenty of variety. Sweary, obscene Avenue Q doesn’t have much in common with Mary Poppins, for example. The Sound Of Music has Nazis in it; most of the other ones do not. 

One thing that most musicals do have in common, though, is their strange internal logic: people bursting into song willy-nilly, everyone on the street suddenly knowing every single move in a spontaneous dance routine. 

And comedian Matt Buechele has pretty much nailed this conceit in his parody of the first song in musicals. 

It’s all there: the ‘comedic value’ character with the stupid voice, the secondary character that you can “tell is a mom because of the three kids I’m holding”, the lead who arrived in the city on the back of a dare.

People obviously loved it – and pointed out similarities from their own favourite musicals. 

It’s not the first time Buechele has made a spookily accurate parody video, either. 

He’s taken aim at stand up comics: 

More musicals: 

And even the end song in films. 

Honestly? Better than most musicals we’ve seen.

(Image: Unsplash)