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This 'First Dates' guest has to be the rudest guy in the history of the show

The absolute cheek of this

This 'First Dates' guest has to be the rudest guy in the history of the show

I have been on dates before with girls I have not fancied – maybe they looked different to their Tinder profile; maybe I was too drunk to properly remember what they looked like when I first met them; maybe it was a blind date; maybe my friends convinced me I was somehow going on a date with Lily Collins but when I turned up it was one of my mates in drag and everyone laughed at me when I started crying.

Maybe something similar has happened to you?

And if it has, what did you do? Well, you had a nice night out with someone, and particularly if you went for dinner, then you stayed until the end. Maybe you skipped dessert, but you were definitely about for the main course.

Of course, if you do go for dinner, you are committing a heinous error. Go for drinks, obviously, because then if you don’t get on, you can both mutually leave early and nobody’s commitments have been dashed. Go for dinner and you’re stuck with a load of food to wolf down as quickly as possible. Bad dinner dates cause indigestion, basically.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for us, at least), on First Dates – aka the greatest dating show of all time – the daters have to go for dinner. The whole thing is set in a restaurant, so you have to eat. Then, maybe at least twice an episode, one person will not like the other person, but they will always stay until the end of the meal, because of common decency.

Not in this week’s episode though. A man called Rob went on a date with a man called Grieg, and it turned out that one of them was really nice and one of them was really not. Basically, Rob didn’t fancy Grieg, and before the awkward post-dinner interview at the end, he told him what he thought of him. He told him during the meal.

You can watch the horrendous exchange below:

In case you can’t watch that because you’re at “work” or something, it went down a bit like this. Rob said:

“It sounds really bad, but I don't find you attractive – you're a really genuine guy and we seem to get along, but I don't have that connection with you, so what's the point of staying and having dinner and main courses, you know?”

Then he essentially forced Grieg to cancel his main course and leave, WHILE HE STAYED AND ATE HIS MEAL ON HIS OWN.

In my experience, this is not what you should do – as Grieg reiterated:

“You’ve come for a blind date, you’re there together to have a laugh and a giggle. Don't be a dick, see it through, buy a dessert.”

Although maybe that’s the way to do it nowadays? Bear did it in Celebs Go Dating (twice) – maybe there’s no time to be faffing around. We’re all busy – if it’s not working out, sack it off.

I mean, don’t, obviously, it’s absolutely unacceptably rude, but still.

(Image: Channel 4)