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'First Dates' wants people for their background dates and they'll pay you to do it

Want to meet Fred and the gang without all the pressure? Then this is the answer

'First Dates' wants people for their background dates and they'll pay you to do it
23 February 2017

Always wanted to meet Fred off First Dates? Of course you have, he’s handsome, he’s charming, and he’s got a fucking perfect beard. He’s the kind of man we all want to be.

Well the show’s now offering people the chance to apply to go on a date in the restaurant, but you won’t have to be one of the dates it focuses on – all you have to do is sit in the background, eat some good food and get trashed.

The Channel 4 show is looking for “background daters”, and they’ll pay you £25 to do it. You don’t even have to be single, you can go on as a couple and basically treat it as a subsidised date with a possible few seconds of mild fame as a side dish.

Though if you do decide to take your girlfriend we’d advise keeping her well away from Fred.


This could be you, meeting the man himself

First Dates’ production company, Twenty Twenty TV, have put out an advert that reads: 

“Calling couples and singles – would you like to be on a background date in the First Dates restaurant?

“Channel 4’s First Dates is returning and looking for couples and singles to come on as background daters in the First Dates restaurant.

“You don’t be the main feature but you may appear in an episode and experience where the magic happens!”

'First Dates' is looking for people to go on the show as "background daters"

As long as you’re over 18 you can apply, and we reckon it’d be pretty cool to get a background look into the show and what really goes on in that restaurant. You could even be there to witness the beginning of a beautiful romance.

If you’re interested you can email [email protected].