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Fans are likening Netflix's epic new sci-fi series to Interstellar

Prepare for out-of-this-world antics courtesy of the German offering

Fans are likening Netflix's epic new sci-fi series to Interstellar
Danielle de Wolfe
09 February 2024

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its brand new German science-fiction series - and sci-fi fans have all been saying the same thing.

Psychological thriller The Signal is set to be an out-of-this-world offering, centred around an astronaut who goes missing following a length space mission.

And fans have been hailing the German language film a triumph (based on the trailer, that is), with many likening the thrilling premise to that of another hit series - Interstellar.

When it comes to the premise of the 4-part limited Netflix series, the show focuses on a female astronaut named Paula, who returns to earth following a long stint aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

At first glance, you might assume things take a turn for the worse upon her ships re-entry into Earth's orbit - but you'd be wrong.

In fact, the mystery begins when her plane, which is flying her across the Atlantic to reunite her with her husband and child, vanishes without a trace mid-flight, leaving her family waiting longingly at the arrivals gate.

The female astronaut in question is played by Peri Baumeister, with Florian David Fitz playing her husband Sven and Yuna Bennett as her daughter Charlie.

As investigations begin to unravel the mystery, Sven begins to experience life as a single parent.

With more twists and turns to navigating than a well designed labyrinth, this limited series is jam-packed with emotional bombs - a breath of fresh air where thrillers are concerned.

Pairing the warmth of humanity with out-of-this-world levels of adrenaline, this is a series that's set to tug at the heart strings of even the most emotionally detached sci-fi fan.

Comprised of four 60-minute episodes, The Signal switches gear when the family start receiving cryptic messages from outer space.

The result is more questions than answers, with this winding tale revealing countless terrifying possibilities.

With Sven determined to discover the truth (transforming into a fierce investigative force), the clues all point to the fact that Paula uncovered something dangerous in space.

Landing on Netflix on March 7, be sure to mark it in your diary.