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15 famous faces with and without beards prove what we already know

It's official, beards do make you look better - and here's proof

15 famous faces with and without beards prove what we already know
26 September 2016

You may have seen a recent study that suggests beards make men more attractive to women. If true, this means you need the best beard trimmer to keep your fuzz is check. But science has let us down before, hasn't it?

We're still not over the whole "World not being flat and centre of the universe", and we're pretty sure that in a decade e-cigs will be revealed as more dangerous than sticking your face in an active volcano.

So we decided to investigate this beard theory ourselves... and in about 25 seconds of Googling men with and without beard we discovered that the study was right (sorry for doubting you, science).

From Jake Gyllenhaal, to Tom Hardy, to David Bekcham, here's our list of celebrities that prove face fuzz is the way forward...

Donnie Darkno-beard

Beardback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal looks like a straight up meth addict with no whiskers in Nightcrawler. Keep the beard mate, because if you go into a pharmacy with a clean shaven face the chemist is going to call the cops.

Idris...who did this to you?

That's better

Idris Elba with no beard is really unsettling. Like seeing a pirate without his eyepatch or Noel Edmonds not on Deal Or No Deal.

Where's your beard, bitch?!

There it is, panic over

We're not saying that having a beard will get you an extremely beautiful life, but why take the chance and not have one? Rather be itchy bearded and happy rather than bald and lonely, crying into a ready meal for one.

"Alright darlin', fancy a Blue WKD?"

"Shall I pop open the Moet or the Bollinger?"

David went from the creepy guy on the edge of a sleazy nightclub dancefloor to knowing what to actually say when a waiter asks if you'd like to taste the wine. What could have possibly have triggered this transformation? Yes it could've been the millions of pounds he's earned, or it could be a well maintained beard...

No Brad, you look like a thumb

Wheeey, actual thumbs up for facial hair

The reason that Angelina has left Brad may possibly be because he got rid of his bushy beard. There are probably many others, which we'll hear through some hideous drawn out legal proceedings, but that was just the cherry on top.

You are no Dothraki...

Now you are (aqua)man enough

Jason Momoa, most commonly known as Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones, just looks like the slimy bad guy in every Nineties romcom who the girl doesn't end up with without facial hair.

We don't know if the lack of beard is more disturbing or that he's actually smiling

He's sad because he remembered about the first photo

Kanye without his goatee is like England without rain: it might make it look miserable, but it's just not right when it's gone.

Pale emo child or Jared Leto?

Jared Leto is angry that he once never had a beard

Without a beard to keep his face warm Jared Leto is just another My Chemical Romance fan.

Muscles are cool, but beards are cooler

Add a soy milk flat white into this photo and he's the ultimate hipster

Tom Hardy is the ultimate lad. A man's man's man's man. But without a beard he's no one (but please don't tell him we said that).

No wonder no one calls you on your cellphone

*Phone won't stop vibrating*

Drake used to look like he knocked on doors asking to speak to you about his lord and savior Jesus Christ, now he's knocking on Rihanna's door asking if she's ready.

Without a beard he doesn't look brooding, just wondering if he left the iron on or not

Is Robert smiling over his happy relationship with FKA Twigs or his ginger tinted whiskers?

No one wants a man that sparkles in the sunlight, but everyone wants a beard they can stare at in the morning as it collects bits of Cornflakes and cereal milk residue. Now that's manly.

Wrong place to have all that hair, Radcliffe

1,500 points to Gryffindor

Daniel will never fully distance himself from the Harry Potter franchise, but if he wants to stop getting Golden Snitches chucked at him in the street, a beard is a stylishly grownup disguise.

"You're looking at my non-existent beard, aren't you?"

Men with beards are found to be three times happier than those without, suggests a study we just made up

Now that Jon Hamm has left the sartorial world of Mad Men behidn him and working on hipster level shows like Black Mirror, it's practically law that he should have a heft level of facial hair.

Yeah being Bond is cool, but you know what's cooler?

Looking like a Musketeer

Thought Brosnan peeked after Goldeneye? WRONG. Pierce went on to grow a magnificent beard and started dueling strangers on the street with a sword to fit in with his 17th century French look.

Robert De Zero

Robert De Hero

Just when you thought De Niro couldn't become more of a legend, he also takes on the role of being Father Christmas. What a guy.