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Eyes Of Pop Culture On Canvas

Eyes Of Pop Culture On Canvas

Eyes Of Pop Culture On Canvas

The eyes have it.

Invasive, haunting and oddly inviting, Jason Edminston's new Eyes Without A Face exhibition at Mondo gallery will leave you feeling like you're being followed around the room. 

Until 4 April, the Texas-based gallery will be wall-to-wall with Edminston's ocular-focused paintings. Drawing on pop culture genres of cinema, music videos and TV, while each of the 150 pieces in the Eyes series might look like a hastily cropped version of a larger work, they are in fact all original paintings.

Head over to Edminston's site to see more of his work, and expect prints to appear on the online Mondo store shortly after.

And try not to blink, okay?

(Images: Jason Edminston)

[Via: Geek Art]