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EXCLUSIVE: Zlatan Ibrahimović on Premier League offers, head-butting teammates, and other silliness

EXCLUSIVE: Zlatan Ibrahimović on Premier League offers, head-butting teammates, and other silliness

EXCLUSIVE: Zlatan Ibrahimović on Premier League offers, head-butting teammates, and other silliness

As a habitual scorer of golazos and a man fond of referring to himself in the third-person, Zlatan Ibrahimović is nothing if entertaining.

What's more, having announced he’ll be leaving PSG in the summer for a new challenge, it’s hotly tipped that he’ll be making his way to these shores – possibly for a reunion with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. Wouldn't that be nice to see?

We caught up with the maverick.

It appears to have been very easy playing in Ligue 1 this season? Do the other clubs need to do more to compete with PSG or is the team uncatchable?
Other clubs are not our problem. We have won the league with so many games to spare because we have deserved to. What the others do or how they perform is not of interest.

You were named the second-greatest Swedish sportsperson of all-time, after Bjorn Borg. Should you have got the number one spot?
Of course I should of. He is a legend no doubt, but finishing second is the same as finishing last. 

Many Premier League fans want to see you here. Would you like to come to and play in England next season?
I will always have offers, and England is one of the countries that I have those offers from. It is a very important league, but I have always said that the summer is the time to sit down and look at offers.

Jose Mourinho is rumoured to be the next Manchester United manager. Do you think he would be successful at Old Trafford?
Jose will be a success anywhere he coaches, that is just the man he is. I respect him because he says whatever he wants, but when you listen to him what he says is always right. Of course he is a coach that has much knowledge, but it is more than that, he also really cares. That is why players who play for him are ready to die for him. He cares, so you care. 

You’re a good kickboxer and regularly scare defenders - but do any players scare you?

Well that's that cleared up. David Beckham had a spell with you at PSG. What was he like to be around?
You would think with all the attention he has he is confident, but when you first meet him he is very shy. Once you get to know him, he is one of the nicest and most fun guys in the game. I have nothing but positive things to say about my good friend.

The Swede scoring to knock Chelsea out of the last round in the Champions League

Max Kruse was dropped from the German squad after leaving €75,000 of poker winnings in the back of a taxi, stealing a journalist’s phone, and his Nutella addiction. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been fined by a club for? Any naughty antics?
I head-butted a player while at the youth team with Malmo. His father wanted to get me off the team, so I had to cycle to the hospital to apologise. It wasn’t right, but I was young.

Cristiano Ronaldo has just had a documentary made about him – are you considering getting one made?
Anything is possible, we will have to see. 

Which actor would you like to play you in a film about your life?
Nobody can play Zlatan.

Do you like the look of any young English talents at the moment?
The young talents I do not know so much about, but Wayne Rooney is a player and man I admire. It is easy to play at a top level for maybe two or three seasons, but like myself, Rooney has played at the top for all his career and that is not so easy.

How do you think England will do at this year’s European Championships?
I don’t think about England. Sweden are in a very competitive group, and my only focus is on us progressing. Unless we face England, I won’t even think about them.